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Top Dessert, Rosé, Sparkling, Sweet Wines

Top Dessert, Rosé, Sparkling, Sweet Wines

Top Dessert, Rose, Sparkling and Sweet Wines

Place Mev
1 De La Rosa Vineyards, Donash 702, Trocken Beeren Auslese Scheurebe, 2015 Y
2 Château Des Muraires, L’Excellence des Muraires, Côtes de Provence, Rosé, Bernard Magrez, 2018 N
3 Notte Italiana, Prosecco, 2018 Y
4 De La Rosa Vineyards, Prince Valenti, Icewine, Welsh Riesling, 2010 Y
5 Contessa Annalisa, Rosé, 2019 Y
5 Or Haganuz, Har Sinai, 2014 N
6 Gat Shomron, 24K, “Ice Wine-Style” Viognier, 2012 N
6 Bartenura, Prosecco, NV Y
6 En Fuego, Cava, NV N
7 Covenant, Zahav, Late Harvest Chardonnay, 2018 N
7 Taanug, Cava Brut, Pinord, N.V. N
7 Golan Heights Winery, Yarden, Blanc de Blancs, 2011 N
8 Tabor, Adama, Rosé, 2018 N
9 Hagafen, Don Ernesto, Beret, Rosé, 2019 Y
10 Cantina Gabriele, Moscato, 2018 Y
10 Tzafona, Ice Wine Vidal, 2016 N
11 Cantina Gabriele, Moscato, Rose, 2018 Y
12 Tabor, Moscato, 2018 N
13 Backsberg, Brut, 2017 Y
13 Bartenura, Sparkling Moscato, Rosé, NV Y
13 Or Haganuz, Har Meron, 2018 N
13 Psagot, Prat, NV N
13 Gavioli, Sparkling Moscato, NV Y
13 De La Rosa Vineyards, Kinnerett, Beeren Auslese Scheurebe, 2010 Y
14 La Citadelle de Diamant, Fanny, Rose, 2017 Y
15 Flash, Flash Peach Aromatic Sparkling, NV Y
16 Golan Heights Winery, Hermon, Moscato, 2018 N
16 Sauvage, Comsi Comsa, Apple Dry, 2019 N/A
17 Herzog, Lineage, Momentus, Sparkling, NV Y
18 Contessa Annalisa, Moscato Gold, 2017 Y


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