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Top 10 Signs Your Rabbi Is Also A Boxer

Top 10 Signs Your Rabbi Is Also A Boxer

Former Welterweight Champion Yuri Foreman, who gave up the title to Miguel Cotto on Saturday night, will now have more time to concentrate on his rabbinical studies at Iyun Institute in Brooklyn. He will eventually be the first boxing rabbi, but given the inspiration he’s provided to future pulpit pugilists, he won’t likely be the last.

Here are 10 signs that your rabbi may also be a prize fighter.

10. Last guy that walked out during his sermon wound up in a body cast.

9. He has his own kashrus trademark, the OU-CH. But will also hold by the K-O.

8. Drinks raw eggs at kiddush.

7. Shouts to his wife across a crowded room: “Rebbetziiiiiiiiiiiin.”

6. Calls his barbecue the Yuri Foreman Grill.

5. On Beth Din, tends toward split decisions.

4. Last contract dispute settled after 20 minutes.

3. Tends to dwell on the Torah portion where Jacob wrestled an angel.

2. Between services he gets a massage from the shamash and pep talk from the gabbai.

1. Begins Shacharit with “let’s get ready to DAAAAAAAVENNN!”

Hat-tip to my colleague Steve Lipman for contributing No. 9.

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