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Too Little, Too Late

Too Little, Too Late

Gary Rosenblatt finally “got it” that Obama is no friend of Israel. (“Five Lessons I Learned From ’16,” Dec. 30).

I voted for him in the primary but realized when they brought out Rev. Wright that he presented a problem for Israel. Did Obama’s supporters not read his Cairo speech or hear him tell Jewish leaders about his need for space between us and Israel?

How perspicacious of Rosenblatt to oppose the Iran deal and still not get it.

As an oncologist, I would on rare occasions see a patient with a terminal, hopeless, untreatable disease who would be in complete denial. These patients would refuse hospice care or to make plans with family, only realizing the truth on their death bed, when it was too late, having caused loved one’s undue anguish.

With three weeks left to this administration and a U.N. resolution which cannot be reversed, Rosenblatt finally woke up.

How sad that he, with all good liberal intentions, has failed to appreciate Obama’s evil towards Israel.

Associate Clinical Professor, Medicine and Oncological Sciences

Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Manhattan

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