Time To March On D.C.

Time To March On D.C.

I noticed that you had two beautifully written Opinion pieces (Aug. 8) next to each
other about helping Israel — Rabbi Avi Weiss’ “Comforting The Wounded, Worrying About Family” and Francine Klagsbrun’s “Do Israelis Know How Much We Really Care?”

Ms. Klagsbrun’s friends in Israel ask the very
same question that I have been asking: Why aren’t American Jews marching
in Washington, D.C.? A number of years ago I remember the very large rally in
our nation’s capital in support of Israel. We need to duplicate it now more
then ever. Let’s show support not only to Israel but lets also use this rally
to support members of our U.S. military who, through air strikes against terrorists, are now being deployed in Iraq.

Let us also highlight the suffering of all
freedom-loving people such as the Christian population in Iraq.


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