Time Is Working Against Palestinians

Time Is Working Against Palestinians

Anyone who has raised children understands that sometimes “no” is the best, the only, possible answer (“Time Is Not On Israel’s Side,” Between The Lines, April 8).

For children, and for the Palestinians, no concession can be enough. Why should it be? No one is willing to say “no”; every concession leads to further demands.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu should tell that to the world. Tell them that Jefferson Davis declared a state. Whatever happened to it, anyway? If the Palestinians want to negotiate, Israel will be glad to negotiate. If they want to declare a state, let them go ahead.

No one will come to their aid. Not Europe, which can talk, but will not act. Not Jordan, which is scared to death of a Palestinian state on its border. Not even Syria, which has trouble of its own and does not want a confrontation with Israel to add to its instability.

As former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold has pointed out, inside five years Israel will be a major exporter of natural gas. Inside 10 years it expects to develop shale oil reserves to rival Saudi Arabia. Yes, time is running out, but for the Palestinians, which is why they are pushing so hard now. Not for Israel.
David Willig
Tzfat, Israel

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