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Time For Unity
Letters to the editor

Time For Unity

The despicable murder of Jews at prayer in the Tree of Life synagogue cannot simply be dismissed as an evil effect of Trump but needs to be seen as a piece of resurgent anti-Semitism in our fracturing world.

While America had been spared, Jews were being killed in synagogue attacks around the world. Worshippers in Jerusalem’s Har Nof synagogue were massacred by ax-wielding Palestinians in 2014, attempts to kill Israelis take place almost daily and Israel itself is threatened by the world’s largest arsenal of missiles in the hands of terrorists vowing to destroy her, and all Jews.

It is time for American Jews to open our eyes to the reality that the world’s 14 million Jews are a tiny blip of the 7.7 billion. We no longer have the luxury of getting into fights with Israel over annoying but not significant issues and in so doing, putting ourselves on the side of Israel’s enemies. We abysmally failed European Jews during the Holocaust and we have absolutely no excuse to repeat that disaster with Israel today.


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