Tighten JCF Guidelines

Tighten JCF Guidelines

I learned more from [former New York City Mayor] Ed Koch than from anyone else, and one of those things is
to be fair and honest even with those (perhaps especially with
those) you love.

I have publicly disagreed with Richard Allen [of JCC Watch] that “sole owner” designation is
some functioning mechanism for the Jewish Communal Fund (JCF) as it relates to UJA-Federation of New York (“Promoting Disunity,” Editorial, June 3). I do not agree
because it is a donor-advised fund, and there are good and bad donors. Richard
and others believe that New Israel Fund and other entities inherently
destructive to the State of Israel should be battled through the prism of the
Celebrate Israel Parade. I do not. I am also a fierce supporter of UJA-Federation and
the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), as well as beneficiary agencies.

Now comes the hard part, and I know that many UJAF supporters, including myself and many JCRC board members, agree: The board of the JCF cannot
allow donor-designated funding to anyone who funds, primarily or secondarily, the exposure of IDF soldiers and leadership of the State of Israel to
libelous and potentially criminal charges in international forums — period. Nor should other demonstrably nefarious and defamatory activities, which
expose Israel and its officials to delegitimization or prosecution, be funded
through JCF-donor designations. Furthermore, the funding of boycotts against Jews anywhere in the land of
Israel should not be funded by a
donor-designated agency, directly or through another party.

If the JCF tightens its guidelines, I would move my modest Vanguard
charitable fund to JCF. I am sure that others would as well, and more
significantly so.

Great Neck, L.I.

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