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Three Steps Back

Three Steps Back

So begin my heartfelt prayers.

Arielle Lipsky finds a deep connection to God through her prayers. Courtesy of Chedva Benelyahu

The time has come
It's time to take
The sacred three steps back

Ignore my bad
But bear the good
Even though the good may lack

And as I stand
I'm hearing it
My whisper in my ears

My page is torn
It's old and ripped
From all my days of tears

The words are locked
They won't come out
My tefillah needs to start

A single tear
And then my lips
Begin to move by heart

I may be flawed
And I do wrong
But I'm trying to be my best

I try so hard
But you give to me
All the hardships as a test

I'm far away
From you, Hashem
In this crazy place

My tefillah tries
To bring me close
To a much more peaceful space

What will come for me
Will I be great
And who will help me through

I feel alone
But up above
Is the Holy One, blessed are you

I know you give
To everyone
What you know they need

All the skills
And care and love
To help me to succeed

And even though
It's sometimes hard
To truly see the light

Deep down inside
I know you help
I will never give up the fight

The end is near
The last small part
My deep requests come out

My heart is racing
My lips speed up
My soul begins to shout

But then I'm done
I see you’re there
Watching every move I make

And my heart awaits
For the next chance
For the three steps I must take


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