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This Time Jewish Week Is Right

This Time Jewish Week Is Right

The Jewish Week will be accused
of publishing lashon hora [slander] just as it was when it reported on Rabbi Baruch Lanner in 2000.

The defenses for the rabbi here will parallel those when you published about Lanner: that the reports are not true; that even if the reports are maybe a little bit true, the rabbi does so much good that we should overlook the few cases of the bad-which-is-not-really-all-that-bad; that the people reporting the bad are themselves so mentally or psychologically sick that they cannot be trusted; that the accused rabbi has the most loyal of adherents who would do anything for him; and that the accused rabbi is endorsed and praised by so many sensible prominent Orthodox pillars.

Sadly, The Jewish Week has a well-deserved reputation as being vitriolically anti-Orthodox, and I share that perception. Nevertheless, this report still stands on its own two feet. I will lend my name in support of The Jewish Week decision to publish this report. I know that these many first-person accounts justify a significant investigation into whether any young Jew has been driven from a Torah-observant life because of an abusive experience at an Israeli seminary, endorsed by Yeshiva University (my rabbinical alma mater), marked at that seminary [Netiv Aryeh] by that rabbi [Rav Bina]’s disgraceful actions, including but not limited to public humiliation, physical battery and the violation of the therapist-patient confidentiality privilege. 


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