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Thinking About Egypt

Thinking About Egypt

Associate Editor

Here’s an interesting editorial in the Sun on how Ariel Sharon, several years ago, analyzed Egypt and Mubarak.

Wise as Sharon was, the fact is that Mubarak has nevertheless kept Sadat’s peace, albeit a cold peace, but a more honest peace than we’ve known with the Palestinians after Oslo. Will the next Egyptian government do the same? That’s the real issue, all the other issues are secondary.

It’s interesting how social media and even Facebook are on the front lines of this uprising, leading to Mubarak shutting down 90 percent of Egypt’s internet access. I can understand how it can be upsetting for Mubarak to be defriended by millions of Egyptians, to be poked, to be sent a virtual cake.

As for me, I’m rooting for Mubarak to crush this rebellion, if only to buy Israel some time.

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