Theory On Support For UJA-Federation

Theory On Support For UJA-Federation

Why doesn’t The Jewish Week criticize UJA-Federation for its financial relationship with Jewish Communal Fund (JCF), which funds Israel-bashing organizations like B’Tzelem, which participates in Israel Apartheid Week programs (“Promoting Disunity,” Editorial, June 5)? And why doesn’t the Jewish “flagship” newspaper pressure major donors to UJA-Federation and other communal leaders to sever relationships with the New Israel Fund, which funds BDS supporters? 

The reason is that The Jewish Week itself is funded by UJA-Federation, which compromises their journalistic independence. So instead they attack the grassroots JCC Watch with lashon hora, for talking truth to power by publicizing these uncomfortable secrets.

Editor’s Note: As noted each week in our masthead on Page 2, “The Jewish Week is an independent community newspaper.” We are not “funded by UJA-Federation.” However, its donors who contribute $50 or more to the annual campaign are offered a subscription to The Jewish Week


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