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The Winter Olympics Sap-0-Meter

The Winter Olympics Sap-0-Meter

Slate is running an ongoing Winter Olympics Sap-O-Meter, awarding one Sap Point for every time an NBC commentator uses any one of the following 35 words: adversity, battled, cancer, challenges, courage, cry, dad, daughter, death, dedication, determination, dream, emotion, father, glory, golden, heart, hero, inspiration, inspire, journey, magic, memory, mom, mother, overcome, passion, patriotic, proud, sacrifice, son, spirit, tears, tragedy, triumph.

Somewhere, Linda Richman is getting farklempt — every ten minutes. Is this sports or “Queen For A Day”? There’s something in the Olympics for men, too. Well, some men. Take the Norway men’s curling team. What’s up w’dat? If American boys walk around wearing replica NFL jerseys, do Norwegian boys walk around wearing replica Olympic curling pants? Keep that picture in mind the next time anyone says Israel ought to care what Europe thinks.

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