The View From Israel

The View From Israel

Regarding “I Love Israel, But Does Israel Love Me?” (Editor’s column, May 29), one element of the friction between us in Israel and American Jews that was not mentioned is the impression we Israelis have that, at the end of the day, support for the Democratic Party seems to take priority over all else for many.
Is what is seen from Israel as a compulsion to support the Democratic Party leadership only a matter of ideology and tradition, or is it driven by something beyond that? When American Jews walk the walk, talk the talk and write the check so that visitors to their offices and homes can see photos of them with the Democratic president of the United States gracing the wall, is it just ideology and ego — or does it also serve business interests? American Jews had a fantastic time flying in with the president and other high American officials for various photo ops during the glory days of Oslo. We paid the price. We live the reality, not the fantasy.

It is a reality that we have come to grips with, and for the most part we flourish in it. It would be wonderful if there were indeed such a thing as a viable two independent states solution but there is no such a thing. We can try to make you feel good by saying that we would like a viable two-state solution if you insist that we talk the talk. But don’t expect us to base our day-to-day policies on the assumption that pigs can fly.

Founder, IMRA (Independent Media Review Analysis)


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