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The Top 10 Stories That Captivated Our Readers in 2015
Looking Back

The Top 10 Stories That Captivated Our Readers in 2015

These were the most popular stories on The NY Jewish Week in 2015:

ONE: Spiritual Journey

Howard Stern’s Daughter Discloses Religious Identity
Carly Stern
Her father is a notorious radio personality; she once performed in the nude; but now, she would rather be studying Torah. Artist and actress Emily Stern is an observant Jew.
TWO: Sauna Rabbi Scandal

Riverdale’s ‘Open Secret’ Goes Public
Gary Rosenblatt
Congregants divided on Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt’s invitations to young men to join him in sauna.

THREE: The Agunah Crisis

Leading Rabbi Deals Big Blow To Agunah Court
Hannah Dreyfus
YU’s Schachter dismisses beit din solution as battle continues in Centrist/Modern Orthodox community.

FOUR: The Year of Amy Schumer

Confessions Of Amy Schumer’s Childhood Rabbi
Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin, RNS
From 1988 to 1995, Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin was Amy Schumer’s—along with a slew of other Jewish comedy figures—rabbi, at Central Synagogue of Nassau County in Rockville Centre, New York.

FIVE: YU Developments

YU Faculty Votes ‘No Confidence’ In President Joel
Hannah Dreyfus
Yeshiva University faculty and students take unprecedented step to call attention to school’s “refusal to take responsibility” for financial woes.

SIX: Special Report

BDS Money Trail Suggests Opaque Funding Network
Mitchell Bard
Campus groups press anti-Israel message with seemingly little money, but gain leverage with allies. A special investigative report.

SEVEN: The Cost Of Living

Modern Orthodoxy Has Its Costs – Not Just Financial
Eli Fischer
When cost of living pushes $300,000, what else is sacrificed?

EIGHT: Tradition

Birth Control, Jewish Law Collide At Stern
Hannah Dreyfus
Rare Forum On Contraception in Jewish Law Draws A Crowd At Stern—And Pushback.

NINE: Investigative Report With WNYC

12-Hour School Day, But Can’t Do Math
Hella Winston and Amy Sara Clark
Inside the uphill battle to improve secular education in chasidic yeshivas.

TEN: Breaking Rank

Conservative Rabbis Break Ranks, Rip Bibi On Arab Comments

Stewart Ain
RA becomes first major Jewish group to criticize Likud leader’s election day rhetoric; Netanyahu defends statements on MSNBC.

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