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The Secret Behind Never Being Single Again

The Secret Behind Never Being Single Again

Visualization is my new thing.

As in, The Secret, which I just discovered. I know, I know, ‘tis a lot like saying, “Hey! I just saw a great movie. Forest Gump! Heard of it?”

Which is another way of saying, I’ve got my finger on the pulse, people!

But a colleague at work offered to lend it to me after listening to me fill his poor little ears with how alone like a stone am I, and I cannot tell a lie, I’m enjoying it.

Not the experience of watching the dvd, of course. That was an exercise in ridiculousness, with all the whispering and the scribbling on scrolls and at one point I believe, a re-enactment of what looked like the crusades.

Also, the implication that all of these famous people throughout history were in on some kind of secret, as if it is a conspiracy, is absurd.

But its core message, that our thoughts are real, is not only true, it is powerful. How we choose to see things, to internalize things, might not necessarily change the results but they change our perception of the results. So if we view things from a positive vantage point then our take on the whole experience will also be positive.

In other words, I am not so much convinced that suddenly miracles happen when you adopt this philosophy but rather that we then see the blessings instead of the curses. So in that respect, everything becomes a miracle!

I had dinner once with a physicist and questioned him about this, on a strictly scientific level, mais oui. (Says I who barely passed chemistry and never even took physics.) I had just seen the Marlee Matlin movie, What the Bleep Do We Know?, that purported the same thing.

Of course, being me, what I wanted to know is if thoughts are real and can change our reality then could someone trapped in a gas chamber at Auschwitz have thought himself out of his immediate death? Could he have petitioned the universe with the phrase, “Open the doors and let us out of here now!” and just by truly seeing in his mind’s eye his fellow prisoners suddenly rushing outside to their freedom, it all would have come to pass?

The answer, of course, is no.

But I do believe that we can shift our reality through our perception. And through visualization, a la the Secret. (Which was also what this other cd set I spent a fortune on said by this self-made Canadian man.)

Which leads me to another point, namely, the whole idea of “petitioning the universe.”

I mentioned this concept to my fabulous Israeli Chinese herbalist/ acupuncturist while he was sticking me with needles, and his response was to tell me a parable, a word I learned from my outstanding 7th grade Bible teacher at Solomon Schechter.

His parable? About the the Door’s Jim Morrison who railed against petitioning the Lord with prayer. Don’t even bother with the Door’s song. It really makes no sense. But I think what my herbalist was saying was who are we kidding? When we say we are petitioning the “universe,” what we mean is we’re beseeching the Lord.

How I love Jerusalem.

As for my visualization, I did have a chat with Hashem were I specifically asked to meet my future husband on Thursday.

Today’s Friday.

But maybe I forgot to specify the date. Does anyone know how to send the heavens a Calendar Wizard?

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