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The New Ambassador Of The Free State Of Israel

The New Ambassador Of The Free State Of Israel

Associate Editor

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Netanyahu’s appointment of Michael Oren as ambassador to the U.S. is the most inspired diplomatic appointment Israel has made since Abba Eban — more inspired, actually, since Eban was a more obvious choice, way back when, and this choice sparkles with creativity, Netanyahu at his best. At a time when progressives regressives in Congress, on campus, and in the White House are openly planning to bully Israel — while “reaching out” with all diplomatic graciousness to the thugs, Iran, Hamas, Syria, Hugo Chavez, the PA — getting tough on Israel alone, Israel is now blessed with a foreign policy team (Bibi, Avigdor and Oren) that has more Zionist pride, confidence, and sense of purpose than any Israeli leadership team since Menachem Begin dined alone. Bibi and Oren also give Israeli leadership two masters of English. That’s the language of the colonialists in Washington most opposed to Israel’s right to self-determination, so Israel better have an ambassador who not only is a master of the issues but someone who can speak English like a Jersey guy.

Here’s a memory of the new amassador by someone from Oren’s army unit.

And here’s some must-reading on how to handle pressure from Washington. Start by reminding the president that Israel is not a banana republic.

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