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The Latest From Adi

The Latest From Adi

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Five weeks settled in to Israel, we have an update from Nefesh B’Nefesh olah Adi Cydulkin.

Things are OK here, not much has changed as far as bureaucracy goes.

The paperwork, I think, at least, I hope, is finished. I visited twice at Misrad HaKlita since we last spoke, although I still have not gotten my payments from the government yet. This has to do with banking stuff more than government stuff, but everything takes time, and because of the holidays I was not informed of the banking issue by Misrad HaKlita until about a week ago. Hopefully this will be taken care of today. Health insurance is another issue.

I visited Bituach Leumi in order to get my paperwork sorted out to sign up for a Kupat Cholim. That paperwork is taking longer than I had hoped for. It has been a week, and they still have not gotten it sorted out and I was told today to call back in a couple of days to see, then, if it has. If it has not, I am not really sure how much longer it will take. So, in the meanwhile, I am still uninsured and it doesn’t really seem to bother anyone in the government offices. Although, I must say, that the people at Bituach Leumi, at least the ones that I dealt with, were significantly nicer (not sure about more helpful) than the people as Misrad HaKlita.

As far as apartments, work and relatives, that is all the same. I have not seen anyone else from the flight, but I honestly doubt that I would recognize anyone from the flight. Except maybe the guy who sat next to me, and since he told me he was moving to Jerusalem, I doubt I would run into him.

As for the rest of my time, I am working and enjoying the continuance of the warm weather, hanging out with friends and family and trying to organize my life/goals.

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