The Last Gelato Of Summer

The Last Gelato Of Summer

In the waning days of summer, a hot-weather snack made most popular in Italy has made an appearance on the Upper West Side. A custom-made food cart opened recently along Broadway at 72nd Street, offering the standard 31 flavors, changed daily, of the Screme Gelato Bar. It also offers a hechsher.

Screme Express, based in a large food truck, is the latest location of the New York-based firm that has five dozen international sites, serving the Italian version of ice cream. Screme Express, in Verdi Square, just north of the 72nd Street subway station, is under the kashrut supervision of Rabbi Aaron Mehlman.

The latest place to get kosher gelato, and pareve sorbets, in New York City, the Screme cart has drawn long lines of customers.

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