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The Jews Have A Horn, And Anthony Weiner Has A Son

The Jews Have A Horn, And Anthony Weiner Has A Son

You-know-what (hint: starts with “ch”) has totally jumped the shark (chark?) now, with freelance writer Jordana Horn determined to squeeze out every last drop of chontroversy and, presumably, paychecks from the topic.

Horn (a rather unfortunate name for a Jew, but then I can’t really talk) has yet another piece, this time in the Forward, about Dec. 25 and what Jews should NOT be doing on it, spurring a religion blogger at USA Today to weigh in as well.

We can assume December Dilemma (except when Ramadan falls in December) is a non-issue for intermarried couple Anthony Weiner (speaking of problematic names I really can't make fun of) and Huma Abedin, since neither is Christian. Whether they celebrate Chanukah or not, yesterday, the disgraced former congressman and his State Department VIP wife got a fabulous gift: new son, Jordan Zane Weiner, according to the New York Post. I’m not sure what I think of the name, although clearly Jordan (the river and valley, if not the country) has joint Muslim-Jewish appeal.

I suspect they are not circulating pictures of the newborn via Twitter.

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