The Flotilla & How Hamas Is Worse Than Hitler

The Flotilla & How Hamas Is Worse Than Hitler

Associate Editor

For all that we hear about the flotilla being a humanitarian mission, they refused the request of Gilad Shalit’s father to even ask to see Gilad, who has not been visited by the Red Cross or any other humanitarian group in three years. Some people don’t like it when the Palestinians are compared to the Nazis. In fact, in this respect they are worse than the Nazis.

Hitler agreed to allow Red Cross visitation to Terensiensadt. Hamas — whose stated intention is to eradicate the Jewish State, which means potential genocide — won’t even do what Hitler did, agree to any Red Cross or humanitarian visits to Shalit. Everybody talks about how Hitler hoodwinked the Red Cross, but at least Hitler was forced — for one of the only times in the Holocaust — to think twice, to be defensive, to have his concentration camp guards and officials prepare for the visit, distracting and delaying the Nazis for even a few weeks from their murderous work. Once the Red Cross was in the camp, the fault was theirs for being naive. But Hitler did allow them in, and the Palestinians won’t.

In this respect, Hitler was incontrovertibly better than Hamas. And for most of the 1930s, until the Final Solution fully kicked in, Hitler actually released many Jews from the concentration camps after a few weeks or months. That is more than Hamas will do with Shalit or what Hezbollah did with Goldwasser and Regev, the captives who were only returned to their families in a casket, and Ron Arad after decades will not even have his body returned. There is no question that when it comes to the treatment of prisoners, prior to the Final Solution, anyway, Hitler and the Palestinians are in the same conversation. And the "humanitarians" of the flotilla are partners with those who are keeping Shalit in his one-man Dachau.

It’s a funny thing about the Jewish left. They can compare the Arizona immigration law to the Nazis but they can’t say the same about Hamas. I’d bet Shalit would give anything to be an illegal Mexican in Arizona.

That American Jews — and the American government — are not speaking up louder, demanding humanitarian visits to Shalit is ugly, nothing less. If Gild Shalit was your son or daughter, you’d agree.

Another point — Oslo. Everyone wants Israel to agree to a peace process. Oslo was that, According to Oslo, Israel has the right to patrol the waters off Gaza. Now Israel does that, and where are all the peace advocates to back Israel up?

A third point — The anti-Israel fifth column within the Jewish people has been working overtime in recent weeks, demeaning AIPAC, demeaning the Conference of Presidents, demeaning Israel’s Ambassador Michael Oren, and rarely bringing up the crimes of Hamas or Fatah, if ever, and then only fleetingly. That so many Jews accept the enemy’s propaganda regarding this off-shore battle reveals the extent that Israel and the pro-Israel lobby has been weakened in the hearts and minds of too many American Jews. Notice that the initial instinct of so many Jews is to blame Israel first. Notice how many organizations, such as J Street, don’t even mention that Shalit is in Gaza, or that Israel sends hundreds of tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza each month.

In this respect, the Palestinians have it better than Hitler. Hitler did his own propaganda, he didn’t outsource it, other than to the German-American Bund here in the States. The German-American Bund waved the swastika, there was no doubt whose side they were on. Hamas and Fatah have the American far-left intellectuals and neo-Jews doing so much of their propaganda for them. But the anti-Israel left claims to be pro-Israel, wanting to help Israel, which makes their propaganda only more insidious.

Now that Israel needs a solid and energetic defense, there are students at Brandeis and readers of The New York Review of Books, and numerous others places who are primed to dismiss the defense of Israel that is being attempted by the pro-Israel activists.

In wartime there is a line between honest dissent and treason — giving aid and comfort to the enemy — that we can start discussing. I’m not certain we’re there yet, but there must be some line, somewhere, between dissent and treason. What would it take to say that this line has been crossed by some American Jews? It was Rabbi Lookstein who said the attempt to silence Oren. and deligitimize Israel, was not dissent but "evil."

Like Rabbi Lookstein, the pro-Israel grassroots has to start hitting back — hard. At least as hard as the anti-Israel camp is working every single day. Make the bad guys start playing defense for a change. Make them start answering questions about themseves.

Here’s a good starting point — Daniel Gordis on why he’s saddened but not apologetic. Also check out some good talking points here and here.

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