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The Flotilla And … Intermarriage

The Flotilla And … Intermarriage

Like many people, I’m feeling depressed about the Gaza flotilla fiasco.

The whole situation reminds me of that scene in “The Godfather” when Sonny Corleone impulsively drives off to beat up his wife-battering brother-in-law, only to be ambushed at a tollbooth by the rival family that has set him up.

I am not implying that Israel is the moral equivalent of the brutal mob family, and yes, I recognize that Turks, not Israelis, were the ones who tragically died. Nonetheless, Israel does unfailingly seem to fall into the traps laid by its enemies, violently reacting to provocations in ways that, whether justified or not, do not serve its own interests.

Indeed, I find it especially discouraging and frightening to see just how quick the world’s opinion makers are to condemn Israel and how so many otherwise thoughtful, well-meaning people hold the country to a completely different standard than they hold other nations that doubtless would not be so eager to have an Islamic fundamentalist regime take up residence next door and fire rockets across the border.

But of course none of this has anything to do with this blog’s theme of intermarriage, except that, as my friend Paul Golin writes in a humorous article on Jewcy, absolutely everything can be blamed on intermarriage. Check it out for some comic relief.

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