The Donald Wins Prominent Jewish Endorsement

The Donald Wins Prominent Jewish Endorsement

New York — Republican candidate Donald Trump gained in the polls this week after receiving a major endorsement from the League of Jewish Voters Who Love to Hear Goyish Candidates Speak Yiddish.

“You see me?” Trump said upon hearing the news. “I’m kwelling! And these guys are influential. They’re big mockers. You can check the polls.”

Trump initially gained attention in the Yiddish arena last December during a campaign rally in Michigan, when he declared that Hillary Clinton “got shlonged” by Barack Obama in 2008.

The remark drew such prolonged laughter and applause that Trump continued to shpritz Yiddishisms on the crowd, calling the Grand Rapids audience “a bunch of Michiganers.”

Since then, the controversial candidate has frequently peppered his speeches with popular Yiddish words and phrases.

At one debate, Trump dismissed rival GOP candidate Ted Cruz as a “dumb smock who can kiss my big fat caucus.”

Recently, Trump won the support of Sarah Palin after greeting her with the phrase “Vus titsach,” which she took as a compliment.

Trump also said that he hoped he and Palin would “shlep together” soon.

“Come January,” Trump predicted, “you’ll see me sitting on the front shtups of the White House, eating a k’nosh.”