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The decision to take the plunge.

The decision to take the plunge.

Well, it’s official. I’ve finally decided to act upon the urge I’ve been resisting for the past two years — I’m going to move my journalism career to the Middle East, to Israel.

The decision was by no means a light one, as my friends, family and colleagues can all affirm. Luckily, I was able to get my bosses’ “blessing” because, quite honestly, leaving The Jewish Week was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make, as I’ve loved my job here.

Befitting my Type-A personality, every logistic was plotted, planned, erased and reconsidered all over again — until things finally fell into place and I found responsible ways to sustain myself there.

And now, for whatever reason, I’ve decided to chronicle that experience — from decision, to flight, to life as a journalist there. You’ll get to see every little detail. Well, maybe every detail is a stretch, but I’ll be sure to make it interesting.

Why “Sacred And Insane?” Well, because Jerusalem is sacred, and most would agree that a secular immigrant moving to Jerusalem is just plain insane. Or is it? Jerusalem, a city both sacred and insane, sacred and profane — a holy city of peace that is perpetually caught in the crossfire of reverence and hate.

I expect nothing less than quite an adventure.

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