The Blog Post My Parents Will Be Too Embarassed to Read

The Blog Post My Parents Will Be Too Embarassed to Read

Are you a young Jewish adult? Are you disappointed with the lack of sexually explicit content on the Internet that relates to you ethnically, or religiously? Well, the wait is over! is here!

Jewrotica is a new site that is what it sounds like: erotic content and discussion of sexuality from a Jewish perspective. It’s certainly not the most explicit content you could find on the internet: for example, the FAQ includes questions like, “But isn’t erotica dirty?” But it is certainly, as the kids say, NSFW.

Alas, online erotica is not my area of expertise, but I must say I am proud in theory that this website exists. This is like the fact that while I am personally unfamiliar with Mr. Ron Jeremy’s work, it is always nice when a Jewish person exceeds in a field generally not associated with Jews. But in all seriousness, it is legitimately important that there be a forum for open, anonymous discussion of culturally difficult issues. Just look at the Beacon controversy from last year. And the New York Times reported that Fifty Shades of Grey circulated in Orthodox circles before it became a bestseller. If women are turning to such poorly written erotica, the situation must be desperate.

Coincidentally, Dr. Ruth came and spoke at my dorm last night (and of course it turned out that we knew someone in common — Jewish Geography is the best!) When the director of my college introduced her, he mentioned that she lost her family in the Holocaust and fought in the Haganah. I wondered if I should ask about her Jewish heritage in the questions portion, but she brought it up herself without prompting, several times.

“I believe my being Jewish made it easier for me to be able to be open about talking about sex,” she said, adding, "For Judaism, sex is an obligation." She then cited a passage from Song of Songs as the sexiest thing she could imagine.

Maybe Jewrotica’s next post will just be the biblical poem.

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