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The Anti-Semites Made Him Do It

The Anti-Semites Made Him Do It

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Word to the wise: Steer clear of anti-Semitism, or it can turn you into a pimp.

At least that’s the claim of Max Brener, the 63-year-old ringleader of the Emperor’s Club VIP prostitution ring that ruined the political career of Eliot Spitzer.

Looking for a little sympathy from a Jewish judge, Brener, according to the Daily News, said the death of his wife and the discrimination he faced as a kid somehow ruined his sense of right and wrong.

The judge was having none of it, noting that plenty of people face bigotry without being driven to a life of crime. It may be the lamest excuse since Mel Gibson claimed it was alcohol alone, not prejudice, that led to his screed against Jews while he was headed for the drunk tank a few years back.

Groveling at sentencing hearings is nothing new. But coming in a week where Michael Phelps publicly apologized for “behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgement,” when he smoked marijuana at a party, and President Obama unequivocally stated that he “screwed up” in nominating Tom Daschle to his cabinet without proper vetting, Brener’s gambit was a jarring avoidance of personal responsibility. But he’ll have lots of time on his hands to think about it; Brenner faces about two and half years in jail.’

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