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That Day’s Not Going to Work for Me….

That Day’s Not Going to Work for Me….

How many times can men cancel on me?

Even meeting a man through a matchmaker doesn’t seem to change the gentleman in question’s ability to follow through on a date. Is it me? Is it the men who are single?

And to make matters worse, all of my girlfriends keep telling me to "keep an open mind," and to give the guy the "benefit of the doubt." But what if I were the one who kept making a date and then cancelling? And then rescheduling and then cancelling.

And then rescheduling again and then…you got it, cancelling! Wouldn’t I look like a jerk? Or if not a jerk, than someone who doesn’t have my act together? Or if not someone who doesn’t have my act together then definitely someone who was not very interested in meeting the person on the other end of the phone line?

No matter how you look at it, it ain’t good!

So why do I, at the age of 38, have to put up with such nonsense?

You know why? Because I have no other choice.

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