Texas Call To Prayer

Texas Call To Prayer

On Aug. 6, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will host “A Call to Prayer,” an all-day Christian fast and prayer service seeking Divine assistance for the health, security and prosperity of our nation.

As an Orthodox rabbi, I was touched by his public recognition of the limited role government can play in fixing problems rooted in the spirit, in self-centered values and near-sighted vision.

Prayer and fasting — improving ourselves as a means to improve the world around us — is a basic tenet of the Judeo-Christian creed that has made America exceptional in deed, and why it has selflessly helped nations in need. It is why America rebuilt Europe after World War II and why it has rebuilt parts of the Middle East as part of its war on radical Islamic terror.

It is these values that secularists find most alarming. It is the spirit of this country, the Judeo-Christian value system that still inspires the heartland that they seek to downplay, discourage and disengage from.


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