Tactics On Paris Hostage Siege

Tactics On Paris Hostage Siege

A different and less tragic outcome of the Paris hostage situations on
Jan. 9 could have been achieved — Jewish lives could have been saved. Once
Amedy Coulibaly announced from the kosher supermarket [his intention] to kill hostages if the
police captured the Kouachis, the two situations became inextricably linked.
Greater strategic thinking by law enforcement of how to resolve the dual
crises should have then taken place.

The Kouachi brothers and their single hostage were cornered in the printing
plant. There was no possible way they could have escaped alive. They,
possibly, could have been captured by a less lethal attack. In any event,
Coulibaly was holding five or six hostages. More innocent lives were on the
line at the market.

If the objective had been to save as many as possible — in addition to
capturing the terrorists — the first raid should have been against Mr.
Coulibaly, not the Kouachi brothers. Doing so would have given the
supermarket hostages a greater chance of survival in the presence of a madman
who linked his fate, and theirs, to that of the Kouachis.

Old Westbury, L.I.

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