Swiffer Redux: Helen And Maurice Celebrate Eightieth Anniversary

Swiffer Redux: Helen And Maurice Celebrate Eightieth Anniversary

A pair of British Jewish centenarians are challenging Lee and Morty Kaufman of Swiffer commercial fame’s claim to the title of Cutest Old Jews.

Last year at this time, the Kaufmans went viral in an ad for the Proctor & Gamble’s Swiffer-brand cleaning products, which sang the dusters’ praises while simultaneously celebrating the Long Island couple’s 45-year union.

Compared to the Kayes of Bournemouth, the Kaufmans are mere high school sweethearts.

Maurice and Helen are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary, and they didn’t have to make an ad to get a ton of media attention – they just had to breathe.

In a recent BBC interview, the couple, now 101 and 102 respectively, sat holding hands, reflecting on their past and the secrets behind their staying power.

“As long as I agree with her, then I am safe,” Maurice said.

They met when they were 16 and 17.

“What I liked about him was that he had a car,” Helen told The Jewish Chronicle. They married in the old Borough Synagogue in London, England on Aug. 27, 1934.

When the war started, Maurice enlisted as a physical trainer.

"I wanted to show that Jews needed to do their bit,” he said.


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