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Surprised At YU

Surprised At YU

I read with interest two front-page articles (Jan. 1), one on the allegations against Eliyahu Weinstein for “affinity fraud,” and the other the “open forum” panel that took place at Yeshiva University on gay Jews there.

There is no question that stealing money is forbidden by the Torah, as is engaging in homosexual acts; I doubt Yeshiva University would have an “open forum” for people who keep the Torah and do mitzvot but steal money, some of which they claim is for good causes. 

Simply by allowing the program on homosexuality to take place on campus, Yeshiva University is providing a forum of acceptance for such behavior, and this surprised me.

It is one thing to have a support group, both familial and in the Orthodox Jewish community. It is another to have an “open panel” at the institution that stands for Torah U’Madda with the “Torah” always standing in the forefront, and being the pillar which Yeshiva University — and Judaism for that — matter stand upon.

Hackensack, N.J.

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