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Submissions To The Goat

Submissions To The Goat

Regarding “Synagogues Get Their Own (Scape) Goat” (Sept. 26), on Yom Kippur, as part of our teen services, we received submissions to our Temple Emanu-El eScapegoat ( — a very contemporary and immediate take on the “Al Chait” prayer. There were many submissions to the goat. These are the ones we are sharing:

“I am sorry that sometimes I yelled at my children when I was really upset about other things.”
“I have cheated on tests.”
“I didn’t pay a friend back.”
“I am sorry I was short with people at work when I got stressed out and I didn’t apologize.”
“I want to be less negative about everything.”
“I went on my phone in school (a lot).”
“Being so impatient with things sometimes.”
“Not letting myself be happy because others aren’t happy.”
“I make fun of people who aren’t as smart as I am.”
“I’m sorry for not being sorry.”
“I am sorry for not giving people the benefit of the doubt.”
“I’m sorry for repeating the same mistakes and not learning from the past.”

Director, Lifelong Learning Temple Emanu-El


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