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‘Stupid’ Sara Palin & ‘Saintly’ Michael Jackson

‘Stupid’ Sara Palin & ‘Saintly’ Michael Jackson

Associate Editor

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Here’s an interesting piece in The New Republic about families with disabled children who’ll miss having a kindred mom, Sarah Palin, in a position of power. She could have done more and she left too soon. To hear Democrats tell it, she never did anything (or anything smart). Michael Jackson, on the other hand, well, Democrats want a congressional resolution praising the saintly one as a “great humanitarian.” Now ask the nearest Democrat what he or she thinks of Sarah Palin.say some Democrats.

Next time I hear some Democrat “progressive” calling Palin “stupid,” I’ll think of those Democratic power brokers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and all those liberal journalists, who obviously think Michael Jackson was a superior human being, worthy of adoration. It is reasonable to conclude, based on what seems to be the demographics, neighborhoods and factions in Congress, Democrats (far more than Republicans) consider Michael Jackson — an infantile, drug-infested, face-mutilating, lover of little boys (he paid off millions of dollars to those accusing him of pedophilia, and he admitted to loving to share beds with underage boys while feeding them milk and cookies) — as someone fit to be admired, as opposed to the humiliations and mockery they unleashed mercilessly on Sara Palin. That tells you plenty about Obama’s core supporters. Either they’re embarassing themselves as sycophants of someone who was very sick, or they’re embarasssing themselves all the same by showing how incapable they are of contradicting the Sharptons, the Black Caucus that stood for a moment of silence, and the Congresspeople who want the resolution.

The next time someone says the Republicans don’t appeal to “young people” and “blacks,” well, based on the last two weeks, I certainly hope not.

I like the idea of at least one political party that appeals to grown-ups.

Of course, blacks such as Justice Clarence Thomas or the late Jackie Robinson are/were grown-ups who did find the Republican party appealing, but when people talk about “appealing more to blacks,” you know perfectly well that they’re not concerned about the Republicans appealing to grown-ups such as Jackie or the Judge.

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