Storm Damages Oceanside JCC

Storm Damages Oceanside JCC

The Friedberg JCC in Oceanside, L.I., opened Tuesday “with limited services,” three days after the building suffered slight damage in last weekend’s wind-and-rain storm.

Part of the roof in the rear of the one-story site was damaged Saturday afternoon, causing “mostly water damage” to a few classrooms and a youth lounge, said Judy Fishkind, marketing director. “We were very lucky – no one was hurt,” she said. “It didn’t affect the majority of the building.”

The building at 15 Neil Court, closed on Sunday and Monday to make repairs and assess damage, resumed operations Tuesday: activities operating were daycare, the swimming pool and health club.

A limited number of social activities and child enrichment programs were cancelled early this week, Fishkind said. Other programs were expected to resume by the end of this week, and the JCC should be fully functioning by the end of next week.

Staffers at the JCC’s Long Branch site answered re-directed phone calls Sunday about the Oceanside schedule, and members were informed about schedule changes by phone and Tweeter updates.

The only event cancelled because of the damage was the Saturday night Purim Ball. The ball, a popular activity at which JCC members are honored, will be held sometime this spring, post-Purim. Fishkind said. “We’re going to find a way to rename it.”

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