STEM Education

STEM Education

Thank you so much for the overview of the Jewish Academy of Suffolk County
STEM program, which includes our multiple University partnerships (Education Supplement, “Suffolk Day School Engineering A New Curriculum,” Jan. 17). We
strongly believe that STEM is not just a good public relations piece for the school — it is
in fact the best way to prepare students today for the world of tomorrow. I
do hope your coverage will encourage other day schools to pursue this route
in order to best serve their student body.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without the overwhelming
support of the Gruss Foundation/CIJE and its president, Jason Cury, and its vice
president, Joel Beritz, who have been very generous with putting our school on
a strong STEM foundation. Kol haKavod [with all honor] to them, and to donors throughout the
area who support Jewish and STEM education.

Headmaster Jewish Academy of Suffolk County


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