Stand Up And Speak Out

Stand Up And Speak Out

In response to Doug Bloomfield’s Political Insider blog post, “AIPAC Opposes Bibi’s Amendment”: Regarding Mr. Adelson, I could not disagree with Bloomfield more strenuously. If there is one thing Jews should have learned by now, it’s that being docile and just going along, trusting others in authority to protect us and prioritize our interests, does not work.

Wake up: the truly “terrible consequences” he writes about have already come to pass in the form of the Holocaust. How did being perfectly cooperative and keeping our heads down work out for us the last time? Anyone who is unwilling to stand up against a terrible Iran “deal” that could facilitate its acquiring nuclear weapons has not learned the most obvious lessons of history, and if the Jews will not stand up for ourselves, who will stand up for us? Good for Mr. Adelson and other Jewish Americans who have the backbone to stand up for our Israeli brethren and for the values of civilization.

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