Your Neighbor needs food this Rosh Hashana. Please help now!
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Your Neighbor needs food this Rosh Hashana. Please help now!

This is a busy time of year. We are all feverishly working while preparing for the upcoming holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Unfortunately, for many, the High Holiday season is even more stressful. For the 560,000 Jewish New Yorkers who are living at or near the poverty level, the challenge of balancing work and making ends meet for Rosh Hashanah can seem insurmountable.

Whenever I cite this figure – 560,000 poor or near-poor Jewish New Yorkers, people are surprised. The reason is that Jewish poverty in New York has a different face. Many of those who are poor or struggling are your neighbors. You wouldn’t know it, because they live in a house just like yours. Unfortunately, some have lost their jobs. Others have a sick relative. Still, others just can’t make ends meet. They can not afford to buy all the food they need for Rosh Hashanah. You can change that with one click of a button by donating a Rosh Hashanah food package today!

Met Council is the largest distributor of free kosher food in the world. We provide food to over 70 partner organizations for Rosh Hashanah – from your local food pantry to your local shul to your local JCC – they all get their food free from Met Council’s warehouse. Please contribute today to allow us the ability to help as many people as possible before Rosh Hashanah. With your support, we will provide quality kosher food to over 100,000 people during this High Holiday season.

Please click here and help your neighbor by donating a food package today!

In this merit of helping the less fortunate among us, may you and your family have a Happy and Healthy New Year.