Which new dish will you be trying in 2019?
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Which new dish will you be trying in 2019?

With the New Year just days away food is on many minds – albeit likely to the tune of resolutions of what won’t be eaten. But, we’ve got a better question for you… which dairy dishes will be making their way to your table in 2019.

For some easy reference of dairy delights, we’ve compiled a list of Tnuva fan favorites based on our popular “Which dish would you try?” series.

When it comes to popularity it was no surprise that the doughnuts topped the charts. There were ties and clear winners following the doughnut battles making for an exciting series this past year.  Read on to find out which Tnuva USA dairy dishes inspired taste buds across the Facebook ether in 2018:

Triple Chocolate Doughnut Bites vs. Orange and Ginger Doughnut Bites

While the Triple Chocolate won this round, the post’s popularity clearly speaks to the unanimous love of doughnut bites!

Sufganiyah vs Doughnut

Following the doughnut bites in Facebook fandom come these classics – the sufganiyah, a doughnut that is usually filled with jam or butterscotch vs the classic sugar doughnut with holes (which you could totally save and dip in chocolate). The Sufganiyah won, but really when it comes to fried dough there are no real losers!

Spinach Cheese Shakshuka vs Mushroom Cheese Quiche

Now that we’ve had our sweet tooth satisfied we can move on to savory favorites. These two were a surprising tie, with the clear winner being Tnuva’s Goat Cheese a key ingrediant in both dishes.

Roasted Red Pepper Soup vs Four Cheese Sambusak with Spinach

Soup is still a front runner when it comes to starters, with the Roasted Red Pepper Soup land sliding into first place on this post. That being said, four cheese anything is worth the effort it takes to make and with Tnuva’s puff pastry squares you can cut out on some of the prep without sacrificing on sumptuous taste.

Salad with Low-fat Quark vs Individual Shakshuka Pockets

Here we have another tie – and come to think of it a salad with low-fat quark cheese is the perfect accompaniment for individual shakshuka pockets. Try topping them with crumbled feta for an extra #nomnom factor.

There you have it, our 2018 round up. Add some of these to your 2019 recipe book – and then join in on the which dish voting. See you there!