WeGrow Launches Judaic Education Track for Ages 2-12
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WeGrow Launches Judaic Education Track for Ages 2-12

WeGrow is excited to offer a Judaics track that will incorporate Jewish studies, follow the Jewish Calendar, and offer intensive modern Hebrew language immersion. Our methodology teaches universal life principles and a spiritual approach to Judaism.

For the 2019-2020 school year, we are enrolling students ages 2 to 12 years-old. WeGrow plans to extend through high school, as well as expand to a global network of campuses. In addition to modern Hebrew, we also offer students the opportunity to become proficient in Mandarin.

The Judaics track will be one neighborhood in a WeGrow village that embodies many beautiful languages and cultures. Within these traditions, we support our students’ journeys to connect deeply to their roots and use the wisdom and spirituality from their ancestors to best serve the larger We.

To learn more and apply today, visit www.WeGrow.com.