Top 3 Hot (and cold) Cheese Trends of 2019
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Top 3 Hot (and cold) Cheese Trends of 2019

2019. One month down, eleven to go.

What will it bring us? What new adventures, sophisticated sorrows and simple joys are in store?

Look into the crystal ball. Look carefully. What do you see?

We see cheese trends.

Pickle it!

Have you noticed how marinades and home pickled foods have been warming their way back into our lives? Just like the rapid industrialization of the last century made TV dinners and canned hot dogs a desirable novelty, the younger generations, who grew up eating this processed stuff, feel the subsequent longing towards the natural and the homemade. Hence the pickling craze.

The latest BIG THING to be pickled is “white cheese”. All kinds of marinades can be used, according to one’s taste: garlic and dill, truffle oil, rosemary and lemon, just to name a few.

We predict you’ll be seeing more and more of those appetizing glass jars filled with marinated cheese cubes on the dairy shelf at your local supermarket in 2019.

Tip: why not make your own healthy, kosher pickled cheese? Tnuva’s delicious, crumbly Feta (sheep’s or cow’s milk available) is perfect for that.

Flavor it!

Flavored brie cheese and cultured butter are both becoming increasingly popular.

We all know (and love) the classic, unaged brie, with its gooey middle and mild nutty flavor. The new trend, however, will broaden your definition of brie: the increasing amount of creameries are adding things like pesto, chili, garlic and nuts. Give it a taste!

Now, the abovementioned cultured butter. What is it, and what makes it special? It’s butter which has cheese bacterial culture introduced into it. What it does is adds incredible richness, complexity and a hint of that nice cheesy taste.

Liquefy it!

Cheese tea – have you heard of this unusual Chinese treat? If not, there’s a chance you soon will. The new drink has been making waves all across Asia for a few years, before finally reaching the American shores. Still somewhat obscure and found mostly in artisanal Asian eateries on the west coast and east coast alike, we predict it will make a big splash in the US in 2019.

The basic ingredients are: a cool, sweetened green or black tea and a thick topping which is a mixture of cream cheese and condensed milk (or cream). The final product is supposed to be flavorful and slightly salty with a sweet aftertaste.

It’s not for everyone, granted. But if you’re a fan of unusual combinations and culinary adventures, this one may just be your, well, cup of tea.

Tip: make your own kosher cheese tea using Tnuva’s Quark Creamy Soft Cheese!