The Landsbergs bring birthday celebration to Parker Jewish Institute
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The Landsbergs bring birthday celebration to Parker Jewish Institute

An annual tradition filled with music, ice-cream and joy

NEW HYDE PARK, NEW YORK, August 9, 2019 – In keeping with a long-standing tradition, Jerry and Gloria Landsberg brought birthday cheer this week, to Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation.

Celebrating their combined summer birthdays at Parker, is an annual event for the Landsbergs. Jerry Landsberg is a Parker’s Board of Trustees past Chairman and now a Vice Chairman, and Gloria Landsberg has been instrumental in supporting extracurricular activities, with the Parker League, through her leadership. Both have long supported the Institute’s mission and vision, bringing their unique talents and strength to the organization.

At Parker, residents and families, along with the staff, look forward to the birthday party each year.

Each year the Landsbergs treat everyone at Parker – from residents to staff ­- to ice-cream and live music, throughout the building. On Tuesday, they spent time on floors three through eight, and depending on the unit they visited, were accompanied by a pianist, a saxophonist or a guitarist, brightening the day with songs. They mingled with guests, residents and their families, and were met with “Happy Birthday” songs, along with well wishes. Some of the residents even made birthday cards, as they do each year.

“ Jerry and Gloria Landsberg support the mission of Parker, by giving of themselves unconditionally and generously.  Celebrating with them is one of the highlights of the summer and looked forward to by all!” said Michael N. Rosenblut, Parker’s president and CEO.

Parker Jewish Institute, headquartered in New Hyde Park, New York, is a leading provider of Short Term Rehabilitation and Long Term Care.  At the forefront of innovation in patient-centered health care and technology, the Institute is a leader in teaching and geriatric research.  Parker features its own medical department, and is nationally renowned as a skilled nursing facility, as well as a provider of community-based health care, encompassing Social Adult Day Care, Home Health Care, Medical House Calls, Palliative Care and Hospice.