Move over hummus, there’s a new Middle Eastern spread in town…
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Move over hummus, there’s a new Middle Eastern spread in town…

The hummus craze has successfully transitioned into a household staple. While we adore that traditional Middle Eastern spread, it’s time for a new Middle Eastern spread to break onto the American grocery store scene.

Introducing, Labaneh, now available in the USA thanks to Tnuva – a tangy sour cheese spread that is immensely popular in the Mediterranean region. Low in fat, without compromising on taste, Labaneh has the perfect texture for various uses. Its versatility lends itself to being prepared in many different cooking without scrimping on flavor!

It can be used as a dip, or spread with both breads and veggies and is a great addition to a dairy buffet. It’s also a wonderful, lighter alternative to heavier white cream cheese spreads when preparing cheese cake. Last but not least, it easily transforms in to a sauce for many smokey and fragrant baked dishes. Try it on a baked cauliflower with turmeric or your favorite polenta recipe, or test it out on your classic mac and cheese dinner.

With only a 5% fat content, it is the perfect protein to use when you’re craving that cheesy tang but don’t want to ruin your healthy lifestyle.

The cheese is also a great way to entice healthy habits for kids. Put it into a bento box or small containers and encourage them to eat it with fresh veggie sticks.

If you’re debating what to buy next time you go out, don’t hesitate – grab a container of Tnuva’s Labaneh!