The Eight Senses: Sense Your Senses
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The Eight Senses: Sense Your Senses

Hi Readers; My name is N Baranes, Chief Creative Officer of “The Eight Senses” Fashion Brand.

If you think that “Fashion” is something foreign, think again.

Fashion is, in fact, a daily decision. One way or the other (unless one is walking around a nudist beach, and even some will say that is fashion) we wear clothes each and every day.

Some put more thought into what they wear, to some it comes more easily, and some do not bother too much. But ever since the story of Adam and Eve, we have been covered. 

While fashion is often perceived as being superficial it can, in fact, be quite meaningful, and help us in many ways. Especially when Fashion is aligned with our senses!

Since we are going to be covered, how about letting our senses enjoy what we wear? Delighting our sense of touch with soft fabrics. Pleasing our sense of sight with a flattering silhouette in our favorite color. Receiving lovely compliments, which sound like music to our ears. Wearing an attractive, fresh scent according to our personal tasteDressing stylishly yet comfortably, because common sense is a sense too! And then topping all of these off with a smile, especially during the moments we would like to feel extra special 🙂

Think about your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. What do you feel? Can you identify what makes them your favorite?

When choosing what to wear, stay true to yourself, and listen to your intuitionThere is no need to follow trends… try to express yourself in a beautiful way through your clothes.

And, guess what? By dressing with your senses, you will feel more confident, and it will show!

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