Speaking Out

Speaking Out

It is interesting indeed that the mainstream media has not shown one of the anti-Semitic signs or focused on any of the anti-Semitic verbiage at the Zuccotti Park demonstrations (“What Now For ‘Occupy’ Protests?” Oct. 14).

Not one Democratic party member of Jewish origin, not one U.S. senator and not one U.S. congressman has spoken out against the anti-Semitism expressed during these demonstrations.

This is not a new phenomenon. Many years ago the nation of Greece, run by the Socialist Party there, was highly anti-Israel. Yet all but one of the Democrats of Jewish origin in the House or Senate favored increasing aid to Greece (the exception being the late Rep. Steve Solarz). None were held accountable for it by the Jewish media, and their actions were not punished in the subsequent elections.

It is hoped that at least the Jewish media, because the mainstream liberal media (exception Fox) is covering up the anti-Semitism of the Occupy Wall Street “movement” will ask the Democratic officeholders about their failure to speak out about it and give Jewish voters the information needed to keep them accountable.

Editor’s note: The Jewish Week addressed the issue of anti-Semitic verbiage in an Oct. 21 article, in which Anti-Defamation League leaders said there is “no evidence” that anti-Semitic views are representative of Occupy Wall Street as a whole or that they are “gaining traction.”

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