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Single-Issue Voting

Single-Issue Voting

Thanks for Gary Rosenblatt’s column, “Israel-Firsters Seen Edging Toward Trump” (July 1). He is correct on so many levels. Any who were inclined to support Mr. Trump should certainly have second and third thoughts after seeing his overt anti-Semitic tweet [with a six-pointed star].

It is important to remember that single-issue voting is never long-term good politics or public policy. Even if it could be shown, and it is highly dubious that it can, that Donald Trump is in any way more supportive of Israel than Hillary Clinton, there are so many other ways in which Donald Trump’s presumed domestic and foreign policies are bad. They are bad for Israel, bad for the Jewish people and bad for America. I say “presumed” policies, since, to date, Mr. Trump has not articulated any policies at all other than building a wall with Mexico and finding ways to exile some number of American Muslims.

Anyone in the Jewish community who believes that a consistent blind eye toward anti-Semitism, overt racism, anti-immigrant nativism and misogyny, to name just a few overt positions of Mr. Trump, matter less than an untested and inconsistent allegiance to Israel is, I am afraid, more motivated by antipathy to Hillary Clinton than any justifiable support for Donald Trump. Mrs. Clinton is by no means without flaws, but those flaws pale in comparison to the frightening prospect of a Trump presidency.

Thanks to Rosenblatt for his consistent willingness to insist on reasoned discourse and for articulating the genuine real interests of the Jewish people.


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