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Short Fridays

Short Fridays

Associate Editor

Friday, October 24th, 2008

1: Joe The Plumber

Almost all references by leftists (and the ADL) to illegal immigrants simply refer to them as immigrants, their illegal status conveniently ignored. To be against illegal immigration is to branded as anti-immigrant, not anti-illegal immigrant.

Contrast that attitude to the media abuse being heaped on Joe The Plumber because he isn’t a licensed plumber. Yes, he doesn’t have all his papers lined up anymore than do the illegal immigrants but if they are “immigrants,” legalities be damned, then Joe is a plumber, license be damned.

Joe says he has been studying for his license, he has been working in the field a requisite amount of time, and he is legally allowed to work as a plumber in the employ of a licensed plumber (as he has been). It is shamelessly cynical for those who sanitize the crime of illegal immigration, asking that these criminals be given drivers’ licenses and work permits, health care and voting rights, to suddenly stand on ceremony regarding an American plumber, attempting to humiliate him for the crime of asking a candidate a question.

2: Backstage Praise For Palin At SNL

For all the character assassination of Sarah Palin by left-wing women, the left-wing men at Saturday Night Live had only the kindest things to say about the Alaska governor.

Lorne Michaels, SNL producer, told Entertainment Weekly ( that he’s been impressed by Palin’s ability to go from small-time Alaska to prime time:

“I think there’s a lot of sympathy for anybody who can step forward and handle that level of pressure,” said Michaels.

“That thing on a human level was fascinating to watch. She was characterized so quickly by the media. She got a really tough welcome. So when she introduced herself that way at the convention, people went, oh, I see. She gave a great performance…. I think Palin will continue to be underestimated for a while. I watched the way she connected with people, and she’s powerful. Her politics aren’t my politics. But you can see that she’s a very powerful, very disciplined, incredibly gracious woman. This was her first time out and she’s had a huge impact. People connect to her.”

And Alec Baldwin, who is very vocal about his far-left politics, wrote in “The Huffington Post” (Oct. 23):

“When you come on a show like that, you are prepared in advance to get worked over. Palin knew that. Palin came on to be a good sport. And she was. She was polite, gracious. (More so than some of the famous actors who come through there, believe me.) …. Several people decried SNL for giving her a spot on the show. You’re kidding, right? The woman is the vice presidential nominee of one of the two major parties in this country. Don’t put her on SNL? With all of her exposure and the Tina Fey performance? What reality are you in?”

3: Tale of Two Preachers

Back when Barack Obama was on the ropes for his affiliation with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s supporters said, “Oh yeah? What about McCain being supported by Rev. John Hagee?”

Hagee had raised tens of millions of dollars for Israel, through his Christians United For Israel.

McCain promptly threw Hagee under the proverbial bus.

This week, John Hagee Ministries announced it raised another $9.5 million for Israeli and Jewish causes. Hagee will announce the huge donation at a “Night to Honor Israel” event at his Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. (No details were announced about recipients).

But Hagee is “controversial,” says the Jewish Telegraphic Agency news service “because of his closeness to Jewish settlers and because of his eschatology, which prescribes a Jewish return to Israel as a precondition of the messianic age.”

Oh my, that sure is controversial. My position on Hagee is cash the check and I’ll think of something if Hagee’s messianic age comes before our own.

Come to think of it, I’m close to some Jewish settlers and my eschatology prescribes a Jewish return to Israel as a precondition of the messianic age. Uh-oh.

By the way, how much money did Wright raise for Israel at his Trinity Church? Anyone know? We know Wright is not close to Jewish settlers and raised money for Louis Farrakhan while Obama was a Trinity congregant, but now no one brings up Wright anymore.

It’s a good thing McCain dumped Hagee and refuses to mention Wright.

I guess he’s less controversial than Hagee.

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