Shockingly Cavalier

Shockingly Cavalier

Letter writer Irwin Wall (Letters, Aug. 23) is shockingly cavalier about what he deems Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s paucity of concessions to get the “peace process” underway. 

The release of prisoners? No big deal, Mr. Wall suggests, they’re too old by now to do any more harm — never mind the agony of the relatives, some of them injured in the same attack that murdered their husband, wife, father, mother, child or sibling.

Imagine the joy of the released murderer to get the opportunity to add additional sorrow to those who will never stop grieving for their loved ones. 

And while Mr. Wall pooh-poohs the gesture of the prisoner release on Israel’s part, he removes any onus from the Palestinians for the stalemate. After all, Israel won’t even agree to a settlement freeze or withdrawal to the 1967 (“Auschwitz” borders) before the negotiations begin. And while there’s nothing Mr. Wall can see to blame the Palestinians for, he actually uses the prisoner release as a club with which to beat Israel since, as he views it, that painful choice is only made in order to avoid giving Abbas everything he wants even before negotiations begin.


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