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See The Other Side

See The Other Side

 I am sorry that Abby Backer, the student leader of a J Street-affiliated group, was spit upon at a debate on Israel (“Exclude Me At Your Own Peril,” Opinion, Oct. 29). But can she understand the fear the woman who did this must feel in order to do what she did?
Another question: Has Backer had any in-depth conversations with IDF soldiers from all walks of life? If not, perhaps she might consider doing so. They could talk about what it is like to be the same age as her and join an army where there is a real chance of dying. Or has she spoken with Holocaust survivors who had to wear gas masks during the Gulf War in ‘91?
Perhaps then she could write another Opinion piece. Whether or not her views change, she would have talked “to the other side.” Ironic who the other side is.
Fair Lawn, N.J.

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