Scientists Find Adar The Punniest Month

Scientists Find Adar The Punniest Month

Tel Aviv — Researchers at Tel Aviv University recently completed a three-year study of the Hebrew months and concluded that Adar is the punniest of all months.

Professor Playan Werdz, an Israeli linguist who headed the study, said that Adar was prone to more puns than all other months in the Jewish calendar combined.

“Our findings were an Adar success,” said Werdz. “There has been no Adar research like it anywhere.”

Asked how he felt about his team’s accomplishment, the professor replied, “I feel Adar this world, like I’m floating in Adar space. My fellow researchers are unquestionably Adar-able.”

The research team based their study on Adar II, a Jewish leap month that occurs seven times every 19 years. Werdz noted that the results would have been the same had Adar I been analyzed instead.

“It’s six of one and a half-dozen of the Adar,” the linguist stated.

The professor said that he tracked the research data closely, lest he make an error that might skew the results.

“That would have been an Adar disaster,” said Werdz.

The professor announced that his team’s next study will involve dairy cows. “After all, they also have two Adars,” he noted.