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Sarah Palin Is Right — We’re Looking At A Blood Libel

Sarah Palin Is Right — We’re Looking At A Blood Libel

Associate Editor

Let’s count who has been blamed so far by the Moderate & Tolerant Ones: Sarah Palin, the entire state of Arizona, the Tea Party, and let’s blame all of talk radio, too, while we’re at it, because the killer in Tucson must have been listening to talk radio stations in Cleveland and Philadelphia.

As Jon Stewart pointed out, blaming talk radio for the Tucson killer is like blaming heavy metal rock radio for the Columbine killers.

It’s like blaming Paul McCartney ("Helter Skelter") for Charles Manson, or J.D. Salinger for Lennon’s killer. At least Manson and Chapman said they were inspired by "Helter Skelter" and "Catcher In The Rye." (Both a perfect example of how a deranged person is capable of being "inspired" by "messages" never intended in the real world).

The Civility Police are only guessing when they blame talk radio, or blaming the shootings on anyone in Arizona who has an objection to an open border with Mexico.

In other words, according to the Civility Police, here’s what it comes down to: If there is a violent, mentally disturbed man in Tucson, Arizona, something must then be wrong with every registered Republican, all of Arizona, (every Congressional district that voted Republican?) and whole radio stations, except for the politicians and the radio stations that the Civility Police agree with.

The Civility Police blame millions at a time, then change course when their illogic becomes obvious, and so quickly move on to blame millions of others. They determine their target and draw a bull’s eye around it. (Come on, you’ll never use "target" and "bull’s eye" in a sentence again?)

Sarah Palin is right. She is being slandered. Nothing reflects the vulgarity of the national conversation over the past few years more than the relentless "hating" of Sara Palin, particularly in the Jewish community, particularly those Jews who flatter themselves as being tolerant, as the masters of civility.

Yes, articles, such as Michael Daly’s in the Daily News, are exactly a blood libel, with headlines charging "Giffords’ Blood Is On Sarah Palin’s Hands."

It’s just as reasonable to blame J Street every time a Palestinian kills a Jew, but of course, the Palin haters blame only the killer, and the killer alone, when a Muslem does the killing.

They don’t connect Islamic killers to anyone, anywhere, but they blame the Tucson killer on "talk radio" hosts like Michael Medved, Sean Hannity and Dennis Prager. That’s civil. That’s insightful.

Check out George Will, and James Taranto, and Pat Buchanan and Jonathan Tobin..

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