Sanders’ Mideast Dream

Sanders’ Mideast Dream

It is easy to understand why the only candidate to forgo the AIPAC conference was Sen. Bernie Sanders when one looks at the divorced-from-reality speech he would have given.

Stuart Ain describes the Sanders pie-in-the-sky formulas for peace (“Jewish Values Debate Intensifies As NY Primary Nears,” April 8). They call for unconditional recognition by all people of Israel’s right to exist; the end of all attacks against Israel; and Hamas and Hezbollah renouncing efforts to undermine the security of Israel. Peace also means: security for Palestinians, (even though it is only Palestinian terrorists who have this problem); self-determination (turned down by Palestinian leaders repeatedly since 1948); civil rights (which Palestinians have); economic well-being (damaged by their own terrorism); occupation of Palestinian territory (again, terrorism caused Israel to take security steps after the Oslo Agreement gave governance and land over to Palestinians); establishing mutually agreed on borders (Abbas has been unwilling to negotiate for 5 years); pulling back from settlements in the West Bank just as in Gaza (land swaps were agreed on in the Oslo accord); and ending the economic blockade of Gaza (as soon as Gaza stops importing missiles and deadly weapons that they use against Israel).

Sanders is either incredibly uninformed and naïve or he is pandering to far-left voters with outright lies. In either case, he has no business running for the highest office in the land.


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